LED Rope Lights: They’re Everywhere, and You Don’t Even Know It!

It would certainly be interesting to project the mental image some people have when hearing the words LED rope lights. The name for this fairly common appliance sounds unusually alien and it can be asserted with some degree of certainty that at least half of people who haven’t heard the expression before might imagine that LED rope lights are in fact a phenomenon similar to aurora borealis. Still, even if you don’t know what rope lights are, the acronym LED might give you a hint. It stands for light-emitting diode, a fancy term for a small light source that consists of semiconductors. So, LED rope lights are nothing but a plastic, translucent hose filled with small sources of light that have enough complicated physics and chemistry behind them to make Einstein sick.

Uses for LED rope lights

Although this is probably not what the inventor of LED rope lights had in mind when creating them, LED rope lights are most used today as a Christmas decoration.   At Yuletide, they are everywhere – on treetops in parks, over bank entrances, hugging almost every building except Scrooge’s house. However, apart from that, LED rope lights have many more uses. Often they can be seen in bars, where they are used for lighting effects and ambiance. They are incredibly flexible, so it’s very easy to make signs out of them and form letters and words. It’s no wonder, then, that LED rope lights are often used in advertising.

Advantages of LED rope lights

The list of advantages of LED rope lights seemingly has no end. They are incredibly durable, which means that they don’t break easily. If you pair that quality with the fact they are waterproof, you can see why they are used outdoors so often. These qualities really do make them perfect for decoration. Also, LED rope lights have very low power consumption. This can be really helpful if you want to save some money during the holidays.  In addition, their special design makes them last longer than normal lights. Still, LED rope lights are far from perfect. One of the biggest problems is that they never emit a particularly powerful light. To be significantly stronger, they would have to be much, much bigger. But do not despair; you may get the chance to blind your neighbors yet! They were only invented in 1962. There’s still time for them to develop some muscle.

Getting your own LED rope lights

Believe it or not, there are dozens of websites that specialize in selling LED rope lights. You could try shopping for them only, or, if you prefer the traditional way, you can try at the local hardware store. They usually have them in different colors. Aside from color, you can also customize their length and girth. You can talk to the store clerk to help you find the LED rope lights that suit your needs and desires. In larger towns, there are usually stores that specialize in selling lighting equipment. And while you’re there, looking for your LED rope lights, you can invest in a new chandelier or buy that disco ball you’ve always wanted.

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